What are the types of fancy yarn

Release time:

Sep 27,2022

According to the definition of fancy yarn, fancy yarn can be divided into three categories: fancy yarn, fancy yarn and comprehensive fancy yarn. Among them, the main features of fancy yarns are irregular appearance and yarn structure, such as changes in twist, twist direction, and twist mode, and the gloss and heat shrinkage properties of the yarn itself are different from ordinary yarns. Such yarn products include knotted yarn, covered yarn, beaded yarn, chenille yarn, core-spun yarn, etc.

The main feature of fancy yarns is that the appearance of the yarn shows different color changes or special effect colors in its length direction. Such yarn products include rainbow yarn, differentially dyed yarn, mixed-color yarn, disassembled printed yarn, printed yarn, etc.

The main feature of the comprehensive fancy yarn is that it has both the characteristics of the fancy yarn and the fancy yarn, such as the spaced printing knot yarn, the multi-color slub yarn, the broken wire of the gold and silver thread, etc.

Among the three types of fancy yarn products, fancy yarns are closely related to spinning technology, so fancy yarns are classified in detail. There are many kinds of fancy yarns, and there are many kinds of classification methods. The following methods are used to classify fancy yarns.


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