Characteristics of fancy thread fabrics

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Sep 27,2022

The fancy thread itself has a variety of shapes and colors, and when it is used in plain fabrics, it can change the appearance of the product with the finishing touch. For example, worsted wool yarn is used as warp yarn, wool and woollen wool spun from part of mohair are used as decorative yarn to make loop thread; in weft direction, worsted wool yarn and loop thread are arranged at intervals, and the weft floating structure is used to show loop line, It can make the surface appear full of circles, like lambskin, with natural luster and good bionic effect. When using the loop thread to produce the brushed product, the decorative yarn adopts no twist; in the post-finishing process, it is subjected to the process of brushing and breaking, and is sheared, so that the fleece on the woolen surface has a tufted two-color smooth wool feeling and a certain degree of bending. effect, unique style. In fancy line products, multiple colors can also be used to improve specific appearance effects. For example, the earliest "fire mill" (ie steel tweed) is to use combed short hair or other short fibers to first rub into wool particles, and then dye them into various colors. The dyed wool particles are added evenly during spinning, and after spinning into colorful yarns, they are interwoven with ordinary woollen yarns. The key to this type of product is to rub the hair particles into a ball, adopt the appropriate proportion, and harmoniously match the color of the colored dots with the background color to achieve the colored dot tweed style. 
Knot threads are used more in roving wool, and can be used for warp, weft or embellishment. When used in the warp direction, since the knot thread has to be repeatedly rubbed by the heddle eye reed, it is necessary to use a reinforcing yarn or a self-consolidating element. Otherwise, the knot thread will be easily loosened or deformed by friction and affect the appearance. When the weft thread is used as a knot thread, the knot is generally used as a decoration. Therefore, avoid too many knots and cause a rough feel, and avoid the wood grain effect when the distance between knots is equidistant.
The composite flower decoration thread adopts two or more kinds of flower decoration thread interwoven with normal yarn and three original weave or simple three original weave to express the characteristics of the flower decoration thread. It can make the cloth display regular and different floral decoration effects, and produce a feeling of stillness and movement.


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