Introduction of fancy line

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Sep 27,2022

Fancy yarn refers to the yarn with special structure and appearance effect obtained by processing fibers or yarns with special raw materials, special equipment or special processes in the process of spinning and yarn making. It is a decorative yarn in yarn products. A kind of yarn. Almost all natural fibers and common chemical fibers can be used as raw materials for the production of fancy threads. Silver thread, blended yarn, rayon, etc. are used as raw materials. Various fibers can be used alone or mixed with each other, taking advantage of each other's strengths and making up for their shortcomings, and giving full play to their inherent characteristics.
Fancy threads can be roughly divided into the following categories according to their different processing methods: one is fancy threads processed by ordinary spinning systems, such as chain threads, gold and silver threads, clipped threads, etc.; the other is fancy yarns processed by dyeing methods Such as mixed color thread, printing thread, rainbow thread, etc.; the third is fancy thread processed by fancy twisting machine, which can be divided into overfeeding type such as spiral thread according to the difference and change of feeding speed of core thread and decorative thread , small braided line, looped line and control type such as belly line, knot line, etc.; the fourth is special fancy line such as chenille line, core-spun thread, woolen thread, flocking thread, etc.
Fancy yarn has a fancy appearance for decoration, there are many varieties, and there are many production methods. The structure of fancy yarn consists of core yarn, decorative yarn and fixed yarn. The core yarn is strong and is the main yarn; the decorative yarn is wrapped around the core yarn with twists to form an effect; the fixed yarn is wrapped around the outer circumference of the decorative yarn in the opposite twist direction to fix the pattern, but there are also cases where the fixed yarn is not used. The following introduces the names and composition characteristics of several common fancy yarns (threads):
1. The knotted yarn is twisted and twisted many times at the same place.
2. The helix is ​​made by merging and twisting two yarns with different fineness, twist and type.
3. Thick pitch line The soft and thick fiber bundle is attached to the core yarn and wrapped with a fixed yarn.
4. Circle thread The decorative thread forms a closed circle, and the outer is wrapped with fixed yarn.
5. Knotted yarn The decorative yarn is wound on the core wire in a spiral way, but is thrown out of the loop shape at intervals.
6. The chenille thread is sandwiched between the core thread and the horizontal decorative yarn. The end of the decorative yarn is loose with plush.
7. Diamond-shaped metal wire The outer periphery of the metal core wire (made of aluminum foil or metal sprayed material with a transparent protective film) is wound with another color, thin decorative wire and solid wire, with a diamond-shaped pattern effect.


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