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Jan 09,2019

What are the types of fancy yarns? Fancy yarn, also called special yarn, has great potential in selecting raw materials, matching colors, changing patterns of flowers and selecting technological parameters. It is helpful to increase the variety of fancy yarn itself. At present there is no unified classification method, with different processing methods can be divided into the following categories: 1 common processing system of the special spinning yarn, such as: the chain line, gold and silver line, clip silk; 2 with dyeing method of processing special yarn, such as color printing line, thread, rainbow line 3; with fancy twisting machine special yarn, the core wire and the trim line feeding speed differences and changes, and can be divided into spiral, pigtail yarn and circle line and the control type, such as bamboo lines, big belly yarn, knot yarn; 4 special fancy yarn, such as: chenille yarn, core spun yarn, flocking yarn, picking line.


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