Ⅰ.Human Concept: Human-oriented, Human as the Big Treasure.
We always believe that talent is the most valuable treasure of Jintai, Only in a good working environment, employees can have the largest space of displaying their talents, and the enterprise can go a great way in its development. Human-orientation firstly is for respect of talents, and for respect of the developing goals of employees’ careers as well as different opinions of employees on different aspects of the enterprise on an equal footing; secondarily, human-orientation is to care employees and regard employees as the career partner of the enterprise and help them realize the best investment return of their careers on the premise of respect; and thirdly, human-orientation is to assign employees to appropriate posts according to their specialties.
Ⅱ. Employing Principle
◆ Attract talent by mechanism, gather talent with excellent environment, retain talent with career development and protect talent with systems.
◆ People with both talent and virtue can be exceptionally promoted; people with virtue with no talent can be trained for use; people with talent with no virtue should be restricted for use; people with neither talent nor virtue should never be used.